Miracle on Elm Street!

Yes, Virginia

Statement from Believe in Cincinnati


Cincinnati will have a streetcar. The pause is over.

We are thrilled to announce that broad-based civic engagement and advocacy worked. Today we are seeing what can happen when citizens come together for a vibrant, thriving city.

The people of the Greater Cincinnati area joined efforts because they “Believe in Cincinnati” and contributed to this successful outcome.

We offer special thanks to members of City Council who took the time to consider the facts, particularly members David Mann and Kevin Flynn for their courageous votes today, as well as P.G. Sittenfeld who prevented the immediate cancellation of the streetcar with his vote after the election. And we are ever grateful to the strong support of Chris Seelbach, Yvette Simpson, and Wendell Young.

All members of City Council, Mayor Cranley, and the administration can be assured that Believe in Cincinnati will offer our help to ensure a successful completion and operation of the streetcar. We are ready, right now, to begin investing in and supporting the public-private partnership for the streetcar, convened by the Haile Foundation and other civic leaders.

This is a great day for the city.

It’s like a Miracle on Plum Street.

Yes, Cincinnati there is a streetcar. Congratulations.


Statement from Believe in Cincinnati

We remain hopeful that six City Council members will support a pro-growth agenda and vote to complete the streetcar.

If that does not happen, we are confident that we have the necessary signatures to qualify the issue for the ballot. As of this afternoon, we have approximately 11,000 signatures in hand.

Amazingly, we were able to collect this number of signatures in terrible winter weather in the middle of the holiday season in just one week. This is an unprecedented reaction from volunteer collectors and the citizens from all over who wanted to sign the petition. People from North Avondale, Madisonville, Westwood, and Hyde Park and many more neighborhoods have signed the petition.

Much of the testimony at the hearing today focused on what voters want. Remember, voters already decided twice to support this project, and would have to vote on it a third time if council fails to go forward.

The meeting today also included some comments that offered false choices. The federal dollars allocated for the streetcar cannot be used for police, fire or garbage pick-up.  It is for the streetcar only.  City dollars used help leverage the federal monies for maximum economic development value for our city core.

If this city grows new residents and businesses, we all win – every public school and every neighborhood. If the city declines, we all lose.  Let’s not fool ourselves; we compete every day against other very good and vital cities for new residents and businesses looking for communities that are literally and figuratively on the move.

It is very unfortunate that the approach of some is to use this issue to divide, not unite our citizens and neighborhoods. It might serve politically in the short-run, but it will lead to the decline of Cincinnati in the long-run.  We hope the majority of council will see the need to move this city forward and support completion of this important project.

One Last Chance to Sign!!!!

Here’s where we have people stationed tomorrow (Tuesday Dec 17th):

Taste of Belguim – Corryville – 11AM-1:30 PM, 5:30PM-7:30PM

Coffee Emporium – Downtown – 7AM-9PM, 11AM-1PM, 6PM-8PM

Awakenings – Hyde Park – 7AM-9AM, 11AM-1PM, 1PM-5:30PM, 5:30PM-7:30PM

Bloc Coffee – Price Hill – 7AM-9AM, 11AM-1PM

Queen City Cookies – Northside – 8AM-10AM, 11AM-1PM, 5PM-6:30PM

Tell your friends that need to sign!  Send it to everyone you know!  Make sure they sign, tomorrow’s the big day!!


Happy Sunday!

Where are you gathering signatures TODAY?!

Let us know and we’ll try to send folks your way!  Local church?  OTR Holiday Market?  Outside Play House before their 2PM performance?

Need to drop off petitions?  Here are our office hours

Sun – 10AM-8PM

Mon – 9AM-10PM

Tues – 9AM-10PM

Good luck out there and stay warm!

Not Sure Where to Collect Signatures Today?! Here are some events!

Outside of the Covedale Theater before tonight’s performance of A Christmas Carol at 8PM (try to get there at 7)

Outside of Play House in the Park before tonight’s performance of A Christmas Carol at 7PM (try to get there at 6)

Outside the Ensemble Theater before the performance of Around the World in 80 Days at 7PM (try to get there at 6)

Before A Candlelit Christmas St. Boniface Church Northside 7:30-9PM (try to get there at 6:45)

Outside the Aronoff Center before Mannheim Steamroller performance at 8PM (try to get there at 7)


ALSO people have asked about the office address its 27 East Court St. 45202

Where to go on Saturday!

petition balloons

Balloons Mark the Spot for the This Petition!

Snow? What Snow? Here’s where you can sign a petition on Saturday. 

Coffee Emporium from 9:30-12

The Coffee Exchange of Pleasant Ridge 8 to 10 am

City Flea in Washington Park 5 -6 near Queen City Cookie Food Truck

Parkside Cafe in Walnut Hills from 10-11

Dandy Haberdashery from 12-4

Market Wines at Findlay Market from 12-6

Bromwell’s 117 West Fourth Street, 45202 until 5 PM

Crosstown Classic at US Bank Arena before the game

We’ll add to the list as we hear about more….




Friday Signing Locations!!!

streetcar harper

Art by Edie Harper (she had the color right!)

updated by the believe elf at 12:46 PM ^MW

Corner Bloc Coffee – Price Hill 4-6

OPEN HOUSE 5040 West Eastwood Circle 45227 2-6:30  All are welcome!

Holtman’s Doughnuts OTR until 2AP

Walk on Woodburn – Walnut Hills 6-9

Park+Vine OTR 5-7

Lightborne OTR – 9AM-6PM

EAST SIDE Dilly. Bistro, Bar & Bottle Shop , 6818 Wooster Pike, Mariemont, 45227. In the Bottle Shop until 6:00pm!

1215 Vine Street  12-1

MICA 12/V 1201 Vine Street 10am – 9 pm

Cafe Lang Thang on Race near Central 7am-5pm today

Algin Office Furniture or Algin Retro Furniture until 5 pm

Mount Washington, in the parking lot of the old Blockbuster store. 5-6PM. You don’t even have to get out of your car!

Dandy Haberdashery in Pleasant Ridge! Collecting from 11 to 5!

Mannequin Boutique 1405 Vine St. all day 11a-6pm.

Holidays on Ludlow, at the Ludlow plaza, from 6:30-9 pm tonight

Brian Cottingham Design, Inc. 639 Main St. street level, Streetcar logo in the window