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Miracle on Elm Street!

Statement from Believe in Cincinnati 12.19.2013 Cincinnati will have a streetcar. The pause is over. We are thrilled to announce that broad-based civic engagement and advocacy worked. Today we are seeing what can happen when citizens

Statement from Believe in Cincinnati

We remain hopeful that six City Council members will support a pro-growth agenda and vote to complete the streetcar. If that does not happen, we are confident that we have the necessary signatures to qualify the issue for the ballot. As of this

One Last Chance to Sign!!!!

Here's where we have people stationed tomorrow (Tuesday Dec 17th): Taste of Belguim - Corryville - 11AM-1:30 PM, 5:30PM-7:30PM Coffee Emporium - Downtown - 7AM-9PM, 11AM-1PM, 6PM-8PM Awakenings - Hyde Park - 7AM-9AM, 11AM-1PM, 1PM-5:30PM,

Happy Sunday!

Where are you gathering signatures TODAY?! Let us know and we'll try to send folks your way!  Local church?  OTR Holiday Market?  Outside Play House before their 2PM performance? Need to drop off petitions?  Here are our office